Two things people lie about in transgender dating profiles

Recent research has found that one the biggest complaints men and transgender women have about trans dating is dealing with the lies people tell in their transsexual dating profiles.

Why do people lie about their profiles? On the face of it, the answer is simple: attract people. However, there is almost always a deeper reason. When people lie about who they are in their trans dating profiles, it means they don't actually believe they are attractive enough. Therefore, they feel the need to lie to attract others, because they tell themselves that people will only like them or want to be with them if they look like a smarter and brighter version of themselves. Well, we all know what happens when people lie about their profiles. The truth will come out later, and people will be even more skeptical of the overall experience of transgender dating.

What are the main reasons people lie about their trans dating profiles?


Both men and transgender women often lie about their height in ts dating profile. Men and transgender women lie a lot, whether or not they really think they are too short or too tall to be attractive. For example, society may be harsh on short men, while transgender women much taller than average deal with their own frustrations. Interestingly, very tall women tend to appreciate their height later in life, although they may feel strange or different when they are young. Short men, on the other hand, often don't develop the same appreciation or pride in their height. For example, in my professional and personal life, I've heard many women say they wouldn't date a short men. That's why people lie in their profiles! This is not limited to height. The real issue is that in trans dating, every one should be honest from the start, and everyone should cast their net a little wider, giving the types they would't normally date a chance to show how great they can be as a partner.


This includes uploading a thinner version of your photo and pretending it's the latest! Weight is one of the major self-esteem issues that both children and adults face, and it can drag down a person's mood and overall self-esteem. Instead of lying about your weight, do the exact opposite: tell the truth. Who wouldn't date you because of your weight? Say "goodbye!" then press delete. Who wants to be with someone who only likes you in special circumstances? Plus, no one feels good about themselves when they're lying. You may be able to lie to determine a first date with someone, but being direct from the start saves everyone time and energy. For those who are overweight, attach a Live Photo so people can see your body and even feel free to say how fat you are.