The richest transgender billionaires in the world

Trans dating is more and more popular today, and here are some rich transgender billionaires in the world

1. Jenniger Pritzker
Jennifer Pritzker born 1950, is an American investor philanthropist and member of the Pritzker family. Pritzker retired as a lieutenant colonel from the United States Army in 2001, and was later made honorary colonel in the Illinois Army National Guard. Jenniger Pritzker is the world's first transgender billionaire with a net worth of one point seven nine billion dollar. She is the founder of the Pritzker military library and research library in Chicago, and the jawani foundation a grant making organization. She is a retired lieutenant colonel and is part of one of the richest family in America.

2. Martine Rothblatt
Martine Rothblatt born 1954, is an American lawyer, author and entrepreneur. Rothblatt graduated from university of California Los Angeles with a law degree in 1981, then began work in Washington DC, first in the field of communications satellite law and eventually in life science projects , like the human genome project. Martine Rothblatt is the highest paid female CEO making around 39 million dollars a year. Rothblatt has a company, which named United therapeutics Corp. It is a biotechnology company concentrated on the growth and commercialization of products that attend to the unmet medical needs in the United States. Rothblatt has five children when she get married and realized that she wanted to have a transgender transformation surgery. She changed her name to Martine latter.

3. Laura Jane Grace
Laura Jane Grace is a musician from America, she is best known as the founder of lead singer, songwriter and guitarist of the punk rock band. Her net worth is around 5 million dollars and the band's latest album is titled transgender dysphoria blues. Grace was married and had a child when she decided to undergo this transformation. She has been dealting with gender dysphoria at a very young age, Grace publicly came out as a transgender woman in 2012.

4. Kellie Maloney
Kellie Maloney was previously known as Frank Maloney, a famous boxing promoter who worked with like of Lennox Lewis which he managed to the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world. Maloney was born in Beckham London, began boxing at school after attempts to become a Catholic priest jockey and professional footballer. Maloney became a chef but continued to box and began training other boxers, organizing amateur contest by the late 1970s, this had led to a career as a professional trainer working with promoter Frank Warren. She has a net worth of around $600000. Maloney publicly announced her plans to undergo sex reassignment surgery after two marriages and three kids.

5. Laverne Cox
Laverne Cox born May 29, is an American actress and LGBT advocate. She was the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award know for her role as Sophia were set on Netflix as orange is the new black. Cox has a net worth of two million dollars. She is a role model in the transgender community, as she use her role in popular series to address problem that transgender people faces in today's society. In may 2016, Cox was awarded and honorary Doctorate from the new school in new York City for her progressive work in the fight for gender equality. In 2017, she became the first transgender person to play a transgender series regular on broadcast TV.