Mistakes to be avoided: Trans Dating

Plan Short Dates

Simple dates are always the best if you are meeting someone new. So keep it short and simple. New dates are meant to be fun and just kind of thing where you can know each other. Do not plan too much on your beginning trans date.
You can't be sure of things going well the whole day. So don't plan for the whole day in advance. Plan something that do not take much of your time. Just go for a simple coffee or tea, or may be an ice cream or something like that. Do not plan something like a whole day of picnic.

Be on Time

Girls like boys who are punctual. And even boys do not like to wait much. So be sure of your timings in transgender dating. Get well on time so few minutes before it. When you are on time, she will know that you care for the things. Showing up on time shows that you care about the little things . Try to pick her up on the right time you promised. And this will make her respect you even more and she know your values.

Don't Use Your Cell Phone Too much

Dude. You are not there to show off. Don't use your phone too much. It's not like that she will be impressed by such things. Rather she will be impressed if you focus your attention on her. In Fact you can turn your cell phone off and just put all your mind and attention on her.


Drinking on your dates or meetings is not a good idea at all. Specially when you are new to each other. Please do not take any alcohol.
One or two drinks is fine, but that's only when your relationship has reached a certain level of understanding and still know your limits . Girls are generally not impressed by the guys who take any kind of alcohol on their first dates or drink too much because that may create nuisance which in turn make them look embarrassing.

Keep a light environment

Make it easy and comfortable for your transgender partner specially when you are on your first date. Keep it light and cool. Takk about happy things. Talk about something which lightens the mood of you both. The lighter the things are on first few dates, the better it is. If you make your partner comfortable they might ask you for another date otherwise if things are too serious and messy on first few dates then it may end soon.


Expectations are not good if you talk about the early part of the relationship. Do not do or expect much. Just keep it simple and stick to the basics.
It's a first date. Nothing more. Don't start making plans to move in together or start believing you're now "in a relationship." Or something like that
Consider things as they are and be practical enough to accept what is going on.