Something you should know about transgender people

As the development of society, people are more open-minded than before. Transgender problems are quite acceptable for most of people, and transgender politics are seems to e everywhere nowadays. Transgender characters can be saw in many movies, but it has drawn a mixed response from other people. Transgender policies are much discussed by people around the world.

Transgender policy is a hot topic now, but not everyone know transgenders clearly, the confusion and myths about transgender people still continues.
I try to unpack some of its secret and explain the originate of trans policy in my new book 'TRANS/gressive'
Transgender means change one's sex to another in many people's mind. In some degree, that's because of the exaggeration of many movies and shows. But we cannot deny this is a part of its meaning.
For people who are misunderstand transgender, here are something they need to know about transgender people.

1. Transgender people with different identities.
Transgender was the umbrella term of many different types before, such as transsexuals, cross dressers and something else. Now, people's opinion on transgender is changing, they have a clearer understanding on transgender.
Some of them take hormones or get surgery to change their gender, but this is not the choice of many people. For young people today, they have many different chances to become the one they want.

2. More and more transgender people don't change their gender.
Transgender people claim to change their gender from one to another, and the process of changing includes many different surgeries, such as hormones, breast, vaginal and penile surgery.
Due to expensive operation fee and long-term side effect and complications, many transgender people don't get surgery to change their gender.
Not every transgender people want to change their bodies and genders, many of them choose to change their appearances only.
Moat people think that all gay or straight, transmen or transwomen can be defined as man or woman. But now, they are redefined as binary genders, it means they are neither men nor women.

3. Reconsider about binary genders
Many people are bewildered and don't know what is binary gender, If two binary genders married, is it same-sex marriage or heterosexual marriage?
We are trying to provide transgender people with a safe and comfortable bathroom, but how can we make sure it's available for nonbinary kids? The problem of binary genders should be reconsidered.
Body and organs are the same for most of the people. As there are many transgender people, we start to realize that gender identity is also very important for most people.

4. Gender transition dosen't mean genital change
Gender transition used to be considered as genital change, from one gender to another. But now, everything is changing. First, trans-sexuality no longer considered as a psychological problem. Second, more and more transgender people don't get surgery to change their genders. Most importantly, many transgender people are tired of gender identification now.
So, through years of study, trans-activists finally realized that gender is irrelevant to genitals.