Signs that your partner is playing with your feelings

They come up with a plan, but they don't follow it up in detail.

In fact, it happens to all of us. Maybe she suggested going to a concert or dinner, but she didn't promise any details; Maybe he mentioned a party or event he wanted to attend with you, but he avoided talking about dates or times. This is a distinct feature of your date just playing games with you. If this happens to you, don't hesitate to leave your date.

They say they want a relationship, but they don't always get to be with you.

As long as you have a language and expressive ability, it's easy to say these words: "I want a serious relationship." As a matter of fact, men and transgender women don't really mean what they say. Maybe they want a relationship, but they don't have the clarity or maturity to really get into it.

Their claims about how to spend free time and with whom are different than what you see on social media.

A lot of times, a man might say he intends to stay overnight at home, but comments on his social media are followed by a different narrative. Transgender women, on the other hand, may say they don't much like going out, but her social media profile paints another picture. Also, what you need to find from a prospective partner is whether what they say is consistent with what they do. If what your prospective partner says and does is always inconsistent, then it's best to consider whether the relationship needs to evolve.

They don't promise to only be with you, but also joke around, show jealousy, or ask who you're talking to when you're not around.

This particular game is especially evil. This kind of behavior is troublesome, because it gives the impression that it is carefully planned and double-faced. To illustrate this dynamic, imagine any opposite sex you can trans date. Let's assume that this is a man who is not committed to monogamy. However, he acted as if he was interested; You two have been transgender dating for a while. He doesn't spend much time with you (he's too busy, you know!). Maybe you want to be monogamous, but he seems to like it now.

One of the things he might do to make you think he really likes you is play some jealous games. He might joke about who you were with the other person that night, or mention any other potential date you might be on a transgender date. Note that he would do so in a playful manner rather than a mean and controlling manner. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the worst game. If he really cares about you, or if he's really jealous of you, he's bound to want a monogamous commitment from you.